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This controversial eBook strips America bare of its seemly grand garments to expose the shoddy tailoring of many years of mismanagement and corruption.  Then, it re-clothes our country in layers of fine quality materials designed to last; to present to the world, once again, the shining example we once set.  Excerpts below.

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A time will come when the question is asked "Is this the country we want to live in?" and the answer will be "No".


At that point, change is not only preferable, it is inevitable.

The signs were there; even if you didn’t know for sure.  The failure of the dollar was the most telling sign.  People who were aware of the country’s impending collapse were converting their currencies by buying up all the precious metals they could get their hands on; such as gold, platinum and silver.  

These were the only worldwide currencies.  Even if we were to revert back to the stone age, these precious metals would still define our wealth and be valuable currencies

As a body of work, the Constitution goes farther than any other man-made document in human history to insure the rights of individuals.  But one is left to question whether it is the ideal reference document in a "majority rules" society.  When the majority and an individual are at odds with each other over a particular issue, which takes precedence?  Which should take precedence?


Gregory Benford said it quite accurately in his book, Timescape, when he wrote, "time seemed to strengthen the ties of class ... in the steepening economic slide, people stressed differences, in order to keep alive their sense of self-worth.  “Us against Them” stirred the blood.  Better to play that distracting, antique game than to face the gray grip of a closing future."


Even the term "American-made" became a joke in this country.  In reality, many products were simply "American-assembled".

Perhaps we thought that, if we made China a capitalist country, democracy would follow there.  But capitalism and democracy are mutually exclusive dogmas.  One does not have to exist for the other to exist.  So, in helping and doing business with China, we strengthened a potential and probable enemy.

A pleasant after-affect of the new policy was a 75% drop in the abortion rate.

In the long run, children were better educated, cared for, and were much more likely to contribute to our society rather than be a burden. 

The cost of social programs, welfare, law enforcement, our court system, and our prison system decreased dramatically within a generation.  It is important to note that the Immigration solution also lessened the burden on those same systems.

Most private contributions today go toward funding our welfare and national health care systems.  This speaks to the level of trust Americans developed in our government and its management of our programs.  Once it was recognized that our government worked as efficiently as a business might, but without the profit motivation, people donated to government coffers/programs at an effective rate.

In the past, government-run programs were wrought with waste and mismanaged.  Today, while privatization is still a consideration for all government programs, the addition of the need for profit makes privatization more expensive than letting the government run them in most cases.

With the auditing changes mentioned in the budgeting chapter, government programs were run most efficiently.