THe SpiderWeb Mall   SHop online... feed hungry Americans


How It Works

Every time you shop at our mall... you help stock American food pantries through our 501 (c)(3) organization. 

Here's how it works:  Come to the SpiderWeb Mall and select a store at which you wish to shop. 

By using our mall, each store automatically knows you are shopping at their store thru our mall and donates a portion of your purchase to help our cause: feeding hungry Americans.  And it won't cost you a penny more to shop thru us.  

But remember: 

You must enter the store of your choice thru this site each time you shop there to continue to contribute to our cause. 

So why not have fun shopping great stores while you help a neighbor, friend or family member.  It's online shopping made easy, fun, rewarding and secure.  (since we fired the mall mime, it's a lot less creepy, too)  

You may not recognize some store names, but we have taken the time to find the best stores to shop.  Like HAYNEEDLE department store... which we recommend highly.  They really do have everything!!

So go ahead... window shop.  You'll have new favorite stores in minutes.  But remember, if you make any store a favorite or bookmark it, you must enter that store through our mall to continue to support our cause... feeding hungry Americans.

Special Features

We've added Mall Fun for some funny jokes, videos and other stuff.

Enjoy the MUSIC or turn it off at the bottom of each page.

To learn more about our organization, click the icon below to visit our main site.

You can always use our paypal button to send additional help.
safely and securely.

Thank You for Shopping with Us and Making a Difference in Someone's Life.